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2021 International Conference for Road Engineers (ICRE 2021) will take place from June 15 to June 18 2021 in Jeju Island, Korea. The ICRE 2021 event will be organized by the Korean Society of Road Engineers and will be sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation, South Korea. In Korea, the road engineering areas have grown continuously and the road industry also expands dramatically. This international conference is a part of long-term series of events to discuss and promote technical and scientific progress with recent developments and issues in the pavement, road infrastructure, highway, and Mobility & Transportation. Participation in the conference will provide a common platform for decision makers, managers, maintenance engineers, practitioners and researchers to share their international experience in road and transportation engineering. Contributions from specialists from all over the world are invited. In addition to presentation of papers by authors, pre-conference receptions, workshops and technical tours are anticipated, as well an exhibition of industry suppliers.

The state-of-the art technologies in road engineering will be presented and discussed at the conference and variety of issues on all areas will be addressed, from the planning to the execution. Keynote speakers from all over the world will be invited to give their recent progresses on the road engineering.

Collaboration of ICRE 2021

The Conference is mainly organized by the Korean Society of Road Engineers but collaborates with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation of Korea, the Korean Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology, and Korea Expressway Corporation.